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TECH INFO: Air Brakes

This section is being developed to hold technical information useful to people using, restoring, and maintaining various types of railroad equipment. Please use the feedback form if you have information you would like posted here.


Description Source publication #  
UC Valve Single Car Test Procedure AAR standard S-044
(reprinted by PABCo)
No. 5039-4
(1999 RPCA convention)
Handy Dandy Brake Valve Chart
(pictures of most common portions)
Pittsburgh Air Brake Co.,
Bill & Mike Jubeck
(2000 RPCA convention) pabco1.jpg (227kB)
pabco2.jpg (166 kB)
26L Equipment Drawing
('standard' 26L system with MU) *
WABCo Pamphlet 5071-6
26l_150dpi.jpg (358kB)

NOTE: In our experience, there are wide variations in airbrake systems. Some railroads ordered custom versions, the systems sometimes changed during production, and field changes were made during locomotives' lifetimes. The information here is for guidance only and should not be considered as gospel.


Attention! I had hoped to the more obscure of the following airbrake information available via paper and/or electronic copies. Unfortunately, the idea was impractical. The amount of time involved is just impossible for me to invest. If you are looking for this info, I suggest you start searching for the books on ebay, which is where I located almost all of them.

If you really need information from one of these manuals and can't find it on ebay, please send a specific request via the
feedback form and I will try to help. For example, I can scan or copy a piping diagram or info on one brake portion. I cannot, however, copy or scan entire manuals. Sorry!


Title # Company Date Comments
No. 6-BL Brake Equipment for Switching and Branch Line Locomotives 62 NYABCo November 1950 original
6-KR and 6-IKR Distributing Valves, Parts List Plate 14 section 1 NYABCo May 1954 copy


Title # Company Date Comments
No. 14-EL Brake Equipment for Diesel Electric Switching Locomotives 41 NYABCo May 1940 original
No. 14-EL Brake Equipment for Diesel Electric Switching Locomotives 5046-13 Sup. 1 WABCo August 1941 good copy


Title # Company Date Comments
24-RL Locomotive Brake Equipment 5066 WABCo August 1950 original
Operating Instructions, 24-RL Locomotive Brake Equipment 59 Sup. 1 NYABCo February1948 original, much less detail than above
Questions and Answers on the 24-RL Locomotive Brake Equipment   Air Brake Ass'n March1950 original


Title # Company Date Comments
26-L Brake Equipment 74 NYABCo June 1964 REB reprint
26 Type Locomotive Brake Equipment 5071-6 WABCo March 1961 original
Air Flow Description for Schedule 26L Locomotive Air Brake Equipment Arranged for Multiple Operation   REB ? original


Title # Company Date Comments
The AB Freight Brake Equipment 5062 WABCo December 1945 original
The AB Freight Brake Equipment 5062 WABCo May 1934 missing diagrams
Repair Track Maintenance, Freight Brake Equipments AB Type 2391 Sup. 1 NYABCo April 1991 original
AB Freight Brake Equipment 99-A-2 Sup. 1 P.R.R. November 1935 original


Title # Company Date Comments
UC Passenger Car Brake Equipment 5050-4 WABCo July 1931 original
UC Passenger Car Brake Equipment 5050-4 NYABCo May 1936 copy of copy
AMUE and ATUE Electro-Pneumatic Brake Equipment

UEA-12-BC with ME-23 brake valve

T-5051-12 WABCo May 1933 good copy
UC Passenger Car Brake Equipment, includes UEA-12-BC 4004 Ed. 3 ICS 1943 original, missing diagrams
Air Flow Diagrams, UC Passenger Car Brake Equipment   ICS   original, color, large format


Title # Company Date Comments
D-22-P Passenger Car Brake Equipment, with D-22-AR Control Valve 5050-7 NYABCo August 1948 original
Code of Tests, D-22 Type Control Valves and 5-D Vent Valves 5039-21 WABCo October 1959 original

Ancient Stuff

Title # Company Date Comments
LN Passenger Car Air Brake Equipment 5034 WABCo April 1936 original
Code of Tests, Triple Valves on 3-T Test Rack 5039-3 WABCo December 1937 copy

Feed Valves

Title # Company Date Comments
D-24-B Feed Valve 2470-1 WABCo August 1950 original
M-3 and M-3-A Feed Valves 2432 WABCo July 1928 original


  • WABCo = Westinghouse Air Brake Co.

  • NYABCo = New York Air Brake Co.

  • REB = Railway Educational Bureau

  • ICS = International Correspondence Schools

  • ABA = Air Brake Association

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