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  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Address: 937 46th Street
  • Location: Sacramento 95819-3430, California, United States

Latest listings

  • Horn Manifold for Pulse event recorder
    Horn Manifold for Pulse event recorder
    Diesel & Gas Loco PARTS - Sacramento (California) - March 19, 2012 $50

    PULSE, Train Trax horn manifold, Part number: 18340 1/4" FPT input off of horn air line to actuate signal on event recorder. New, correct operation verified. $50 plus shipping.

  • Bridge Ohm meter
    Bridge Ohm meter
    Shop tools - (California) - March 6, 2012 $50

    Leeds & Northrup Co. Kelvin Bridge Ohmmeter 4285 In original wood case. Use this for those hard to find main and aux generator grounds. Operation uncertain, but physical condition is good. $50 plus shipping

  • Anemotherm Air meter
    Anemotherm Air meter
    Shop tools - (California) - March 6, 2012 $50

    Anemotherm Air Meter Model 60 Air Meter, MFG by Anemostat of America Ser# 5404, steel case w/ instructions in lid. Measures 11 X 8.5 X 5" $50 plus shipping

  • Cylinder Pressure Tester
    Cylinder Pressure Tester
    Shop tools - (California) - March 6, 2012 $150

    Pressure Indicator, Bacherach, Primax Model, YRF in case, NEW, with all instructions for operation, $150 plus shipping

  • Strain Indicator
    Strain Indicator
    Shop tools - (California) - March 6, 2012 $95

    Strain Indicator, Baldwin SR4 Type K, Mfg by Baldwin Southwark Div. Foxboro Co. Unit measures: 9.5 X 12 X 6 Steel case, Calibration uncertain. $95 plus shipping.

  • Vise Table
    Vise Table
    Shop tools - (California) - March 6, 2012 $50

    Two axis vise with adjustable table. Can be used to steady work and with the proper bit in the drill press, can be used like a milling machine. Has some rust on the slide areas, but will move smoothly with no problem. $50 plus shipping

  • Natan M3 horn set
    Natan M3 horn set
    Diesel & Gas Loco PARTS - (California) - January 31, 2012 $725

    Locomotive Air Horns Nathan M3R1, Air Chime, locomotive air horn. Three bells There is the number 1 cast into the largest which measures 6" long from the manifold, a 2 cast into the second bell that is 5" long and a 4 on the shortest bell which is 4 ...

  • Recording Thermometer
    Recording Thermometer
    Shop tools - Sacamento (California) - February 9, 2011 $45

    Simpson Model 413 Thermoscript Recording thermometer, like new Reads in F. range 0 to 120F $45 plus shipping

  • Drilling Fixture
    Drilling Fixture
    Shop tools - (California) - January 27, 2011 $200

    EMD crankcase top exhaust deck repair fixture. This heavy steel fixture is precisely and specially made to align with the factory bolt holes where the exhaust stacks set on an EMD crankcase. When these bolt holes become worn and must be drilled and t...

  • Inst & Maint Manual for 25KW gen set
    Inst & Maint Manual for 25KW gen set
    Manuals - Sacramento (California) - December 22, 2010 $150

    Instruction and maintenance manual for 25 KW gen set, under car unit Series 3-71 GM Diesel. Specific to Southern Pacific Gallery and Vending coaches with these 25KW gen sets under car. Diesel Alternator unit model 3096-D & control. This is the co...

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