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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my ad say "FREE"?


Perhaps because you have entered a price of 0. If you leave the price field BLANK, the price is the ad will say "Contact Seller".


Why does my ad say "Contact Seller" for the price?


Perhaps because you left the price field BLANK. If you enter 0 in the price field, the ad will say "FREE". If you enter a number, the ad will display that number as the price.


How do I see a seller's contact info... phone, website, etc? It's not in the ad!


Click on the highlighted name of the seller at the right side of the screen, in the Contact Seller box.


Why won't my profile UPDATE?


Have you filled in all required fields? A location is REQUIRED.


How do I post a WANTED ad instead of a FOR SALE ad?


There is a selection box in the Post Ad Form where you can choose "Offered" or "Wanted" as type of ad. Unfortunately, this information does not make it very visible that your ad is a WANTED ad, but we are working on that.


For now, you may also want to put WANTED in the headline of your ad so it is more visible.


I liked the old site format much better. Why can't we go back to that?


Quit whining. Build yourself a time machine, because there ain't no other way.



Notice! Please don't put contact info in the main text body of your ads. Put it into the database fields where it belongs (name, address, phone, email). If you don't, your ad may mysteriously go away with no prior warning!