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Automated registration of new users is currently disabled. To register, send complete contact information and why you want to use this site, using the CONTACT link at the bottom right of this page. Sorry for the inconvenience!


What's New




Ads may now be Offer Type 'Sell' or 'Buy' (For Sale/Wanted). We hope to revise the names to something more intuitive! If you have a wanted ad posted, please make sure it is set correctly.


You are now required to select a location when posting or editing ads. Log in to your account and set your default location so it will automatically show up in your new ads.


Do not put contact info into your ad body! Fill in your user profile so that your contact info is available in every ad.




Registration is now open to new users.


If you are posting ads:

- do not set the price to 0 unless the item is FREE, because that's what it will say.

- do not put your contact info into the ad body. It belongs in your contact information.




The new RailSwap site using OSClass software has been activated for those with ads which were posted before 4/28/2012. If you have an ad on the site, you should have received an email about changes. Haven't seen it? Check your SPAM filter!


After a bit of testing, we will open the site for new users to register for free. Thanks for your patience.


Some of the new features:


Future upgrades:




After our hosting company broke our website during some "upgrades", we decided it was finally time to migrate RailSwap to more modern classifieds software. We are in the process of moving data and hope to have the new ads up soon.


Notice! Please don't put contact info in the main text body of your ads. Put it into the database fields where it belongs (name, address, phone, email). If you don't, your ad may mysteriously go away with no prior warning!