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Rules of Use

These are some rules for using RailSwap.

  1. It appears we never got around to writing up the terms of use.
  2. The site is free to use. Corporations are not allowed to swamp out not-for-profits or individuals by excessive posting.
  3. Be civil to each other.
  5. Put your contact information into the database fields that are designed to hold it.
  6. DO NOT put your contact information (phone, email, website, etc.) into the body text of the ad.
  7. It is important that you provide valid and carefully checked contact information. If you provide only an email, for example, and your inbox becomes full, you will not receive contacts.
  8. We cannot in any way accept responsibility for SPAM emails or automated telephone calls resulting from posting contact info on the site. This is the world wide web, get it?
  9. Do not abuse the site. You will be banned.
  10. The site is intended for users in North America. Foreign users will generally NOT be allowed, due to the level of abuse from perpetrators outside the USA.
  11. By using the site you implicitly agree that you idemnify the creators and operators of RailSwap.org from any and all liability arising from the site's use or misuse, by you or anyone else.
  12. We will probably add more later!

Those who violate the rules will be banned without warning!

Notice! Please don't put contact info in the main text body of your ads. Put it into the database fields where it belongs (name, address, phone, email). If you don't, your ad may mysteriously go away with no prior warning!