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About RailSwap

A Bit About Rail Swap:

What is Rail Swap?

1) Rail Swap is a website intended to help preserve older railroad equipment. It provides free classified advertising of parts, equipment, and related items. Hopefully, the FREE advertising here will encourage people to exchange many small items that are difficult to find.

2) Rail Swap provides a modest collection of obsolete technical information, much of which cannot be found elsewhere on the web. As time and disk space permits, we may add information you wish to share with others.

3) Rail Swap sometimes provides links to websites which may be of interest to visitors to this site.

Who is it for?

Rail Swap is intended for several audiences:

  • the organized rail preservation community (museums and excursion railroads)

  • shortline railroads that utilize older equipment

  • individuals preserving railroad equipment "in the backyard"

Where did this crazy idea originate?

The idea for Rail Swap occurred to me while maintaining websites and doing volunteer mechanical work for railroad and trolley museums. It occurred to me that out of the numerous ways to buy and sell railroad related items, none made it easy to buy a power assembly and some brake shoes, or sell a keg of spikes. Hopefully, Rail Swap does its part to correct that.

How long has Rail Swap been around?

The exact starting date seems lost to history. We have record of over 16,000 ads (as of 2014) since 1998. The site operated in a crude webpage form prior to the domain name RailSwap.org before 1998. It probably first appeared in 1996 or '97.

Who maintains Rail Swap?

I do. Rail Swap is purely a volunteer effort, which helps ensure I have absolutely no spare time left to maintain my yard! Sometimes my friends and associates help by providing artwork, technical info, etc.

What do you get out of this?

I get the satisfaction of helping people preserve railroad history. I get to pay for the name RailSwap.org. I will occasionally post ads to sell or locate something. That's about it.

Rail Swap is great! I sold five steam widgets and feel I owe you...

If you appreciate Rail Swap, I won't turn down a shirt from your railroad, your newsletter, a trip pass, cab ride, etc. Contact me for my shirt size!

I have a great idea for Rail Swap. Are you interested?

Feedback is welcome. We may try to implement changes that make sense. Send your comments. But please understand that time is limited and that the site is foremost meant to be utilitarian.


Thanks for visiting, and please pass the word!

-- Paul G, Rail Preservationist

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