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We are NO LONGER RECOMMENDING 1and1.com as a hosting company. We recently had a payment fiasco with a friend's website. Her account was referred to a collection agency for being overdue. 1and1 never made ANY ATTEMPT to contact her except by email, on an account which no longer worked. We think that is an unreasonable and stupid policy. 1and1 is obviously no longer concerned about keeping their valued customers, or getting referrals from them.


Two years have passed again! RailSwap.org moved to a new hosting company. This change was more for convenience and economy than because of any problems with pa.net, who continue to be a reliable, supportive provider.

If you happen to be looking for an affordable and reliable webhost (starting at $4/month) or someone to register domains (only $6 per year!) , we CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND 1and1.com, due to absurb payment policies. We suggest you look for a host which believes in taking good care of their valued, long term customers.

We have a new graphic at the top of pages, because that 'old-school' html box was beginning to make me nauseous! Hope you enjoy the little bit of new color on the site.


Once again, a two year interval between news updates. Amazing! The script on the Links page which allowed the public to add links has been removed. Links require an inordinate amount of time to maintain in useful condition. We've decided to let other people pursue that insane purpose. We've placed just a couple links to major link lists. In the future, if we ever get to do the major upgrades we intend, we hope to allow RailSwap users to maintain their own personal links.

We are trying to slowly migrate RailSwap to use "clean" standards-compliant formatting (html) and cascading style sheets (CSS). This will make the pages more uniform, quicker to load, and easier to maintain. It's a long, slow, painful task!

If you are using an older browser, or any version of Internet Explorer (gag!), we really recommend you get a real browser. We cannot say enough about the free browser from Mozilla.org. It's called Firefox and it is simply awesome. Over 25 million people have already downloaded it. It is designed from the ground up to be faster and safer than any other browser out there. It's only a 4.7MB download, which even dialup peons like me can manage. Forget about IE popups and spyware; check it out!

Get Firefox!


Corrected a problem which made parts of ad listings disappear off the right side of the page when very long ad titles are present. This seemed to appear mainly with Netscape 4.08. Thanks for our loyal users for reporting this issue!

Please note that, as browsers go, we recommend that you avoid Internet Explorer and use Netscape 7.0, which is available for free download from www.netscape.com under Downloads.


Finally believe I have once again made replies to ads contain the ad headline, so you know what people are replying about.

Note that size of image files allowed in ads was increased quite some time ago, as disk storage for the site has been increased. Size is now 100kB and 320x320 pixels per image. While this may not seem that big, it permits a very good image to be posted, yet helps control the cost of hosting the site.

Hard to believe two years with so few changes!


Problem fixed (hopefully) where ads were being renewed for very long periods of time. Ads should now renew correctly, without their durations getting longer and longer.

Tech info has been relocated to another webhost to provide more space for ads. Please reach tech info via the link on the main www.railswap.org page.

Renewal notices now contain your ad number and password, to make it easier to renew quickly.

The notice you receive when you place an ad now contains your ad heading, password, and ad number, so you can conveniently save these emails and reference this information.

The links area has returned. Please reach it via the link on the main www.railswap.org page.


New categories for:

Uploaded images are allowed to be larger (320x320 pixels and 75kb).


Rail Swap is being relocated to a new host in central Pennsylvania, in hopes of providing you with better service. We are making every attempt to prevent any disruptions to services offered by Rail Swap.

Note: Our links list will temporarily be unavailable.

If you notice any problems with any features during the transition, please let us know via our feedback form.


After some problems with our feedback form and emailing list, we have these features back in action. Incidentally, the problems were caused by a hacker trying to use the site to send SPAM email to people. Please do your part to safeguard the web: don't ever do business with anyone who abuses the web by sending spam, no matter how "good" their offer seems.


Revolutionary changes! Rail Swap classifieds are now operating with a database program which provides greatly enhanced features. Just a few of the more important features are:





You can post your own links on our links page. Please don't abuse this feature!


A few minor additions:


Well, the big news is all the zillions of new features! Well, maybe not zillions, but there have been some significant changes to try to make RS more useful. There are a few details to be cleaned up, but you should find everything works... (should!). Here are some new things:


Rail Swap has several new features:

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